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Desiree believes that being a hairstylist encompasses being able to ensure you have the ability to revitalize and empower your client from the inside out.  Desiree’s talent and passion for the hair industry has been on stages and in salons throughout cities all over the Country . She has been exceeding hair expectations since 2010. As an artist she brings your vision into reality by co-creating with you to perfect a timeless look that enhances your natural beauty and compliments your individual style. 


It all began at the tender age of 16  when she experienced her own hair being damaged by a stylist who lacked knowledge of how to care for the unique texture of her own hair. Driven by passion ,Desiree decided to take matters into her own hands and for the love of beauty and for the beauty of love she remains dedicated and continues to persevere by delivering an opulent, luxurious hair experience.


Her inspiration comes from vintage glam and sexy boudoir, the epitome of timeless elegance and the luxurious art of seduction of the femme fatale. Desiree has studied the uniqueness of hair, from the way it flows in the wind to the way your hair is styled to fit your own unique version of you.  Desiree believes hairstylists are kindred spirits; she is relatable and honest. She is a lover of classic, glam yet on trend aesthetic and usually can be found exploring the beauties of nature or somewhere glamorous with great people and great food ! 


She specializes in all hair textures , precision cuts, styling, balayage, hair extensions, custom coloring of hair extensions and/or wigs. Desiree uses the most luxurious modern products, techniques and equipment to pamper you.

Hair Stylist in atlanta
Hair Stylist in atlanta
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